Your college essay isnt a selfie with a stupid

You do something else Clean your room. Go for a beer with a buddy. Nietzsche, Einstein, Feynman, Picasso, Hemingway.

Your college essay isnt a selfie with a stupid

Forty years ago, we had a great education system. Learning was affordable and employers offered higher paying jobs to those with degrees. Student loan debt is now equal to mortgage debt and credit card debt combined.

What Does This Mean?

your college essay isnt a selfie with a stupid

So in natural entrepreneurial fashion, I have provided you with my list of: No need for leadership. No need for maturity. No need for people skills. No need for honing passion and drive.

No need to learn negotiation. No need for personal application. Success has almost nothing to do with education. And most importantly, successful people know we learn by doing, not just learning to do. Passion beats talent any day. In Proverbs it says, "Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender.

To me, life feels how it should be. But no matter how you spin it, debt has negative consequences. Two identical candidates walk into your office for a job interview. Which person do you hire? Who do they know? What companies have they worked for? And most importantly, how much success have they had?

Which leads us into number 2. Portfolio - What proof of results can they show? Personal - Do they fit the culture of the company? Are they approachable, responsible, punctual, and have integrity? Can they communicate well? While a part-time job or internship might help with the above criteria, a degree will not.

But as we all know, the current education system built us to be employees, not entrepreneurs. Consequently, people fear going out on their own.

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This is why I launched StartupCamp. I spent over 1, hours developing a complete curriculum around how this happens.

It just might be the start of a new life for you. Do you have school debt? Would you do it again or do you regret your decision? Let me know in the comments below.College Links College Reviews College Essays College Articles.

Magazine; at one time or another, participated in a wildly hip, fun, technological craze that has everyone saying one, two, three. Feb 17,  · The navel-gazing essays require only telling a story, a “narrative” about yourself, as college administrators have it.

your college essay isnt a selfie with a stupid

Sure, there’s a beginning, a middle and an end. It could be in a. Sep 08,  · "The essay should give insight into your life that cannot be discerned from the high school transcript," says Sarah Langford, director of On the Quad Counseling, which provides independent college.

In the essay that Caroline Bird wrote "College is a Waste of Time and Money", she states that students go to college because " Mother wanted them to go, or some other reason entirely irrelevant to the course of studies for which college . GamesRadar+ takes you closer to the games, movies and TV you love.

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