Working capital management project

Army Alumni FIT Huntsville professors not only cover the material, they also reference specific examples in their careers to help reinforce what they are teaching out of the textbook. I have been able to use what I learned at Florida Tech so far in my current position. Because project management has become a business strategy of choice, this degree program develops skills and competencies in project management and in identified concentration areas such as operations research, information systems, or other areas of interest selected by the student. Graduates are empowered to become dynamic and effective project managers.

Working capital management project

This session focuses on where to find the data, how to calculate historical working capital trends and how to project future working capital needs. As with previous sessions, we will use Gateway, Inc.

Working capital management project

This means we look at cash tied up in short term operating assets such as accounts receivable and inventory, offset by non-interest bearing current liabilities such as accounts payable. This means that we want to focus on cash tied up in short term operating assets.

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We usually assume that a company needs to have some cash on hand to run its business. We can estimate that sum as a fixed amount of cash, or an amount as a percentage of sales.

Thus, we add required cash to calculate working capital. Accounts Receivable equals money owed to a company for goods or services purchased on credit. Thus, we add accounts receivable to calculate working capital. Any company selling a physical product will have to tie up cash in raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods inventory.

Thus, we add inventory to calculate working capital. A company may have to tie up cash in other current assets, such as insurance pre-payments. Thus, we add other current assets to calculate working capital.

Working capital management project

Accounts Payable equal bills from suppliers for goods or services purchased on credit. A company benefits from accounts payable just like consumers benefit from a charge card: Thus, we subtract accounts payable to calculate working capital.

Deferred or Unearned Revenue. Some companies get paid in cash by their customers before those companies deliver a promised product or service. As an example, you may have purchased a warranty for a product, whereby you gave a company cash in advance for a promised service: Until the warranty ends, the company has the obligation to provide this service to you, so it must recognize this cash received as a liability.

Thus, we subtract deferred revenue to calculate working capital. Other non-interest bearing current liabilities. Various companies may have assorted non-interest bearing current liabilities such as accrued wages, accrued expenses, accrued royalties, or "other accrued liabilities.

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Thus, we subtract other non-interest bearing current liabilities to calculate working capital. We highlight those items that directly enter into a calculation of net working capital:Mr. Pete Luan X MR. PETE LUAN has over 25 years of international upstream project management experience.

He has also consulted for the past 10 years helping energy companies improve their management of capital projects.

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1 Cash in the barrel: working capital management in the oil and gas industry Summary Cash in the barrel is the latest in a series of working capital (WC) management reports. Services Project management consultancy services are necessary and critical to the success of complex projects (those that are high .

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