Why it is important to observe

We share a common root, and the root is Mother Earth.

Why it is important to observe

As a carer I discuss the options and the choices available to the individual to allow them and informed choice regards to their care. In face to face communication the person listening may not always indicate verbally if they have understood or agree.

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Observation helps understand the effectiveness of communication. Body language is instinctive and more reliable than verbal communication in many cases. Some people have communication difficulties, people with Autism, dementia or people who are physically unable to speak. In order to support individuals with communication difficulties their needs, need to be understood of the difficulties they face.

It is really important to recognize that people are individuals. The way you communicate with mrs a will be different from the way you communicate with Mrs B. Similarly each of the will communicate with you in different ways.

You need to know what is important for each of them including very basic things such as what they want to be called. Non — verbal — Gestures, eye contact, Appropriate and effective use of eye contact helps the communicator seem credible, dynamic, believable, likable and persuasive.

Sensory impairment, culture, religion, health issues, background noise, emotions, stress, strong Accents, specialist communication techniques and prejudice.

Do not use slang that the listener is not familiar with. Choose appropriate time to have a conversation.

Listen when the other person is speaking instead of thinking about what you will say next, actually take in what the other person is sayng so you are ale to receive their message well.

Checking with the individual that they have understood. Interpreting Services — This service can help with converting spoken language to another language. Speech and Language Services — This service can support people who have had a stroke and have Problems with their speech.

Advocacy services — This service can support people who are unable to speak up for themselves. This Service tries to understand the needs, wishes and preferences of people and will argue on their Behalf.

Confidentiality means not sharing information about people without their knowledge, agreement And ensuring that written and electronic information cannot be accessed or read by people who Have no reason to see it. Make sure no one UN wanted are listening in. If there is risk of danger or harm to the resident, or other people.

Why it is important to observe

If abuse is suspected, or if there is Suspected misconduct of a colleague, in respect of care of a resident whistleblowing. You must Inform the resident why the information needs to be passed on by others and it is your Responsibility to do so.

My workplace has a Confidentiality policy that sets out rules and procedures on sharing confidential Information. Everyone needs to read this and make sure you follow it in practice and Understand it.Setting up centers in preschool and kindergarten classrooms can seem a little overwhelming.

Let's sit down and look at what early childhood centers are, and why it's important to have centers in. Jun 01,  · Best Answer: My chemistry teacher told me scientists observe collecting infromation on how why when and what happens.

therefore making conclusions on there observation. information is there main goal to colect as much information as possible on Status: Resolved. “Teachers are the busiest professionals on Earth”. “Teachers never stop working”. How many times have you heard statements like those above?

I bet many times. Why Observe? Clouds. Clouds are a major component of the Earth’s system that reflect, absorb, and scatter sunlight and infrared emissions from Earth.

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This affects how energy passes through the atmosphere. Different types of clouds have different effects, and the amount of cloud cover is also important. Clouds can change rapidly, so frequent. Why Observe Children? Commonly heard responses are that early care and education (ECE) professionals observe children to monitor progress, to complete required assessments and screenings, and to identify learning or behavior challenges.

Observation is an ongoing, integral part of a quality ECE program, and professionals play an important. Why Observe The True Sabbath? Bible Study. Church of God. Daily Bible Study. Bible. Discover the amazing truth of the Gospel.

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