The thing

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The thing

MacReady The thing Antarctica, the status of paleontologist Kate Lloyd is presently unknown. In the winter ofpaleontologist Kate Lloyd is recruited by scientists Dr.

Sander Halvorson and his assistant Adam Finch to join a Norwegian scientific team that has stumbled across a crashed extraterrestrial spaceship buried beneath the ice of Antarctica.

The thing by they discover the frozen corpse of a creature that seems to have escape the crash someyears ago. After the creature is preserved in an ice block and transported back to base where Dr.

Later, while the crew celebrate the find of the century, co-pilot Derek witnesses the Things explosive escape from the compromised ice and out the wooden ceiling.

The rattled team splits into groups to search for the alien. Olav and Henrik discover it hiding under one of the buildings after the kennel dog was found missing, through a hole torn in the wire mesh. The Thing grabs Henrik and pulls him into its body while the others converge on the scene and set the creature on fire.

As they prepare to take off, Kate discovers bloody metal tooth fillings and large amounts of blood in a shower stall.

She attempts to flag down the departing helicopter, fearing an infection has taken someone on board.

The thing

When Carter decides to land, Griggs transforms killing Olav and causing the helicopter to spiral out of control and crash beyond an impassable ridge. Kate returns to the showers to find the mess has been cleaned up.

In the recreation room, Kate tells the rest her hypothesis on the nature of the creature: It is theoretically possible that some of their number have been assimilated and replaced by an alien being, it is unable to use inorganic material such as metal, hence it spat out the fillings.

The team members are unable to come to terms with this and again Sander overrules her and decide to head for the nearest camp for help. After everyone else leaves the room, Juliette tells Kate that she saw Colin leave the shower holding a towel and she knows where they keep the vehicle keys.

When the two go for the keys, to prevent anyone leaving, Juliette transforms and attacks Kate. Kate narrowly escapes, running past Karl who is killed by the Juliette-Thing. Lars arrives with a flamethrower and burns the Thing while it assimilates Karl.

As they burn all the remains outside they realize they have to contain the infection on the base and eliminate it.

The Thing is a science fiction horror film directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and written by Eric Heisserer based on the novella Who Goes There? by John W. is a prequel to the film of the same name by John film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Ulrich Thomsen, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and . The making of The Thing was, by all accounts, a physically grueling process, especially for Rob Bottin. By the end of the film, Bottin succumbed to exhaustion and had to be hospitalized (he also. desproposito - Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles. Principal Translations: Spanish: English: despropósito nm nombre masculino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino ("televisor", "piso"). (dicho o hecho disparatado).

Kate and Lars disable the snow-cats by snipping wires and Lars shares some information with her by showing her a crate of grenades. Carter and Derek return from the copter crash, both half-frozen but otherwise unharmed. Mistrust has spread like wildfire and the pairs improbable escape places them on high suspicion, Kate convinces the rest to lock them up until a test can be prepared.

Adam and Sander preparing a blood test, but when both leave for a short while the lab sabotaged. Test singles out Adam, Dr.

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Sander, station commander Edvard and Colin who either had porcelain or no fillings at all while Peder levels a flame thrower at those under suspicion. Kate sends Lars and Jonas to bring back Carter and Derek to test but they have tunneled of the storage shed and into a neighboring building, grabbing Lars and alarming Jonas who runs back to the others.

The panicked Jonas pleads with Peder to help him rescue Lars causing even more panic. While Edvard is being carried back to the recreation room, he violently transforms mortally wounding Derek and starts assimilating Jonas and Adam. While Carter and Kate search for it they hear it attack Sander and it manages to separate Carter from Kate trapping him in the kitchen.

With its attention on Carter, Kate torches it until it is dead in the snow. The base is aflame now and the pair see Sander driving off in one of the snow-cats and, fearing it is heading for its spaceship, Kate and Carter give chase in the remaining vehicle.

They arrive just in time to see the ship starts up and Kate and Carter are separated once again as Kate falls inside and is knocked out by the fall. Unaware of the Thing camouflage itself, lurking behind, then suddenly, the Thing attacks her.Rank User(s) A Tiamat: Tiamat gains a damage boost against Heroic Spirits, Divine Spirits, and all things born of "the Mother's Womb."All Demonic Beasts she gives birth to inherit this Skill.: Heaven's Hole: Possesses a high understanding of lifeforms who discovered the meaning of reproductive acts, or more broadly speaking, the "continuation of the species".

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Critics Consensus: It serves the bare serviceable minimum for a horror flick, but The Thing is all boo-scares and a slave to the far superior John Carpenter version%.

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