The myth on how the seasons came to be

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The myth on how the seasons came to be

She was the goddess who blessed the earth and made sure that everyone had a great harvest. However, according to the stories, whether or not the harvest would be good or not depended largely n her moods. After suffering the greatest heartbreak of her life, the four seasons were born.

Since she was the goddess of the harvest, however, she would often come down from where she lived in order to check on the progress of the crops on the earth. When she came down from the mountain, she would bring her daughter with her.

Persephone Was Known for Her Beauty Persephone was especially known for her beauty and was also described to be a particularly happy and carefree child. One legend states that wherever she walked, flowers would grow in her path. She could often be found picking bundles of the very flowers she caused to grow in order to present it to her mother, Demeter, as a gift.

She was always portrayed as happy and in harmony with every living creature.

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Hades Sees Persephone and Wants to Be With Her On one of the trips that Persephone took with her mother, Hades caught a glimpse of the beautiful girl as she was in a field picking flowers.

Hades was the brother of Zeus and Poseidon and the ruler of the underworld, and he was constantly surrounded by images of death. The fact that Perseophone was not only beautiful, but also ful of life, was especially appealing to him. Not only that, but he was incredibly lonely.

He wanted to make Persephone his queen. Hades used this opportunity to grab her and take her down to the underworld.

She became his queen by force, and Demeter had no idea what happened. She just knew that her daughter was gone. In her grief and depression, all the crops died and the harvest was ruined.

Thus, the four seasons were born. In fall and winter, Persephone was with Hades, which would cause Demeter to become depressed. · In the creation myth, Chaos came before everything else. He was made of Void, Mass and Darkness in confusion; and then earth in the form of Gaea came into existence.

From “Mother Earth” sprang the starry heavens, in the shape of the sky God Uranus, and from Gaea also came the mountains, plains, seas and rivers that make up the Earth we know this was the bookmark set made for MYth: My Seasons limited and special version only.

(not for sale) since it's special, I gave them extra "bling blings" which they only wear for special occasions  · The four seasons are winter, followed by spring, which is followed by summer and then autumn. After autumn comes another winter, and the cycle repeats although it can begin with any season, not just winter.

The myth on how the seasons came to be

In the Northern Hemisphere, the first season of the year is winter. In the Southern The fact that evil came through women, but in the Bible it came about by disobeying God and in the Pandora myth it came as a punishment of the gods when Pandora opened the jar to release all evils.

Myths About The Moon - Windows to the Universe  · This myth is another example of a culture's attempt to explain how we all came to be and out purpose in life. Norse Mythology: Thor Thor is the hot-tempered god of thunder in Norse (Germanic, Nordic, or Scandinavian) mythology, the son of the chief god, Odin, and goddess of the earth,  · UNITE US Geophysical Institute UAF The Reason or Seasons.

THE REASON FOR SEASONS. Earth’s four seasons (the amount of daylight and the temperature) are caused by its orientation to the sun. The. orientation is related to its orbit around the sun, its rotation on its axis, and the degree its axis is

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