Essays about the california gold rush

Every country has its own people, culture, riches and its very own special history, yet every country has had its own citizens immigrating to the United States to seek the "American dream. It is very unbelievable that such an important event in history was due to a discovery made by one man; a man named James Marshall.

Essays about the california gold rush

Blog Klondike Gold Rush of Gold was discovered in British Columbia in the Cassiar districts, inand miners entered the Yukon region, in Incoarse gold was discovered after Forty-mile Creek was found, sending shock waves of excitement through the Yukon country.

Two weeks later, gold was found on Eldorado Creek, a tributary of Bonanza. In the fall ofnews of the Klondike strikes reached Circle City, and miners departed for Dawson.

Building began at the new site of Dawson City, Yukon Territory. By SeptemberBonanza Creek is fully staked out and many claims were already producing.

During the winter ofminers worked the Klondike mines, removing millions of dollars in gold. The summer of brought news and spectacle.

The day of July 14 exploded as the steamship Excelsior arrived in San Francisco, California with a half million dollars worth of gold on board, and wondrous stories of the Klondike Gold Rush hit the news wires.

Three days later the steamship Portland docked in Seattle and 68 miners unloaded one million dollars worth of gold in front of a crowd of 5, During July and Augustminers left Seattle and other cities for the Klondike. By September of that same year, 9, had left the Port of Seattle.

Oliver Millett of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, staked a claim on Cheechako Hill, far above Bonanza Creek, that produced a half million dollars worth of gold. A staking rush of the nearby hills began. In the winter ofwriter Jack London and an army of miners trudged over the White and the Chilkoot Pass trails.

In the spring ofthousands left Seattle and other cities for the Klondike. The population of Yukon peaked at over 30, Dawson City became the largest Canadian city west of Winnipeg. The ice on Lake Lindemann and Bennett Lake thawed and an armada of more than 7, boats began their water journey to Dawson City.

Unfortunately, more than 60 men and women were killed by a snowslide on the Chilkoot Trail. Through the summer of between 20, and 30, potential miners had reached Dawson. Gold was discovered at Anvil Creek, Alaska.

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Two years after the Great Seattle fire of June 6,the city began to regrade downtown to expand the commercial district. In the spring ofmore than a million dollars worth of property and buildings are destroyed in a fire in Dawson City.


The town site of Nome, Alaska, was staked out and established. The summer of brought change and growth to the Alaskan and Canadian gold territories, the railroad came to Alaska as the first White Pass and Yukon Route train ran from Skagway, Alaska, to Carcross, Yukon.

A year later, the line to Whitehorse was completed. When gold was discovered on the beaches of Nome, Alaska, two thousand arrived to extract it, and the next gold rush began.

The Klondike Gold Rush was officially over. A Steamer arrived in Seattle in October ; it carried Nome miners and gold. Early infrom January to May, one to 2, miners went down the Yukon to Nome, and ships sailed from Seattle for the Nome gold beaches with up to 20, passengers on board.

Essays about the california gold rush

Throughout the summer ofthousands descended on the Nome beaches to dig for gold in the sand. From throughbig things happened in Alaska and in Seattle. Gold was discovered in the Tanana Valley of Alaska, and the city of Fairbanks was established.

The Alaska Club, a Seattle organization of miners who had struck it rich in the Alaskan and Canadian gold territory and other Alaskan businessmen, was created. Between the years of andSeattle grew significantly in size and recognition.Gold Exodus to Reverse Gold-Stock Forced Capitulation Record Gold/Silver Shorts!

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Essays about the california gold rush

Just remember to be original and creative as you share your story. Free the day i will never forget papers, essays, and research papers. Placer Mining. The stereotypical grizzled gold-rush prospector panning for gold was searching for "placer gold", or gold deposited in a waterway.

Throughout history Sutter remains a controversial figure and while he is being perceived as an enterprising, sympathetic and supportive figure in the early American settlement of Mexican California, he is also accused of being a liar, cheat, smuggler, slaver and alcoholic.

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