An analysis of the topic of the affirmative action

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An analysis of the topic of the affirmative action

An analysis of the topic of the affirmative action

Gender Constitutional protection from discrimination All American laws against discrimination ultimately have their basis in the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution ensures all citizens of the nation equal protection under the law.

That is, it ensures that as far as the law is concerned, a given person must be treated first and foremost as a citizen, and not as the representative of one demographic category or another.

A Review of the Section 503 (IWD) and VEVRAA (Vets) Sample Affirmative Action Plan

In principle, for example, it should not matter whether an applicant for a job is a Black or a White, or a man or a woman; the only thing that should matter is the simple question of who is in fact most qualified to do the job.

Anti-discrimination laws essentially mandate that this kind of impartiality is a legal requirement within the United States, and not just a matter of personal preference. Affirmative action Turning to affirmative action now, the main idea is certain demographic groups should be granted a competitive advantage or positive handicap within society, due to the fact that they have sociologically suffered a negative handicap for a very long time Leadership Conference.

It can be suggested that the Black population has been consistently placed at a disadvantage over the course of American history, as a result both of the institution of slavery and the failures of the Reconstruction era to truly address concerns pertaining to race within the nation.

A Brief Review of the Updated EO 11246 Sample Affirmative Action Plan

If this premise is accepted, then the conclusion must also be accepted that there is a structural racism built into the very fabric of modern American society, and that policy initiatives would be needed in order to counteract this structural racism and produce a level playing field.

Affirmative action is the general name for such policy initiatives. Does affirmative action help or hinder both sides? Clegg, for example, has provocatively suggested that " affirmative discrimination " would be a good synonym for affirmative action.

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Discrimination consists of treating someone in a negatively special way simply as a result of his demographic background. But this is exactly what affirmative action proposes to do. All else being equal, under affirmative action, a Black person will be given a competitive advantage over a White person—which is the same as saying that the White person will be discriminated against relative to the Black person.

In principle, then, the people who oppose affirmative action generally do so on the grounds that it is in fact a form of discrimination, and that such a practice is thus unacceptable within the United States.

A reaction to existing discrimination Everything hinges upon how one perceives the baseline situation: According to the doctrine of affirmative action, society is already discriminatory at the structural level, therefore, affirmative action would be not a form of discrimination in its own right but rather an antidote against the discrimination that already exists.

However, the extent to which structural discrimination exists is a contested point. If one believes that the structural problem is very serious and that affirmative action does, in fact, address it in a meaningful way, then it follows that affirmative action is policy strategy for ending discrimination within the United States.

On the other hand, if one disagrees with either of those premises, then affirmative action could only look like its own form of discrimination. Comparative Analysis On the basis of the delineation of concepts conducted above, three main points can be made: Racism is essentially one specific form of discrimination.

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Discrimination consists of treating a person negatively because of demographic factors. Discrimination can thus be conceptualized as a circle, and racism can be conceptualized within that circle. All racism is discrimination, but not all discrimination is racism. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Gender discrimination, for examplewould be another circle within the larger circle of discrimination.


Affirmative action is essentially meant to combat racism and discrimination in general within American society. Again, racism can exist at both the personal and the structural levels. The idea of affirmative action is that racism does in fact exist at the structural level, and that policy level solutions are thus both appropriate and necessary for addressing the problem.

This can include, for example, establishing quotas for minority persons in universities and corporation. If a White male were to have better objective credentials than a Black female for a given position, the Black female would be granted the position due to the fact that her demographic background bestows upon her a sociological handicap that ought to give her a positive handicap against her rival.

At the level of individual persons, this seems obviously discriminatory and unjust. The point of affirmative action, though, is that the playing field itself is already discriminatory and unjust and that efforts must thus be taken to address this matter.A sian Americans have finally had enough.

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