Aircraft solutions project

We have top-flight facilities for aircraft maintenance, with approved procedures and licensed mechanics. From annual inspections to engine overhaul work, we do it all for all types of general aviation aircraft. Need a Pre-Buy Inspection?

Aircraft solutions project

Partner Strong partners have joined forces to make the first fuel cell passenger aircraft a reality: About HY4 Passenger air travel with low noise, particulate matter or carbon dioxide — emission-free flight — is currently being transformed from a vision to a reality.

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Electric flight with the HY4 is silent, environmentally friendly, has greater range and is safer than its predecessors. Fuel cells can be used in many areas of aviation. Common to all applications is the operation at high altitudes, at low air pressure and at low ambient temperatures.

Requirements for safety and reliability are exceptionally stringent.

Aircraft solutions project

Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, energy, transport and security is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures.

Hydrogenics Hydrogenics, as the global market leader in fuel cell technology, is contributing its knowledge. Flughafen Stuttgart Home Airport Stuttgart Airport has offered to be the home airport of the HY4 and is helping to address issues regarding the integration of electric aircraft into the air traffic system.

Pipistrel Aircraft Designer Pipistrel has extensive experience in aircraft construction and electrical components and is the World leader in development and production of UL class powered gliders and Advanced light aircraft.

Uni Ulm Experts of hybridisation The University of Ulm is contributing its expertise in power electronics, hybridisation and electrical propulsion technology. Testimonials With the HY4, we want to bring electromobility to the air, demonstrating the feasibility of this technology and identifying specific fields of application in passenger transport.Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry.

Marcus helps protect our company and our customers, working on Vulnerability Assessment/Management, IOC-Sharing, Threat Intelligence and Incident Response.

Aircraft solutions project

Tailored project transport When you need to move heavy, oversized or complex cargo, we can help you. Hunting Aircraft was a British aircraft manufacturer, that produced light training aircraft and the initial design that would evolve into the BAC jet plombier-nemours.comd as Percival Aircraft Co.

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in , the company later moved to Luton, was eventually taken over by the British Aircraft . HY4. The HY4 – the world’s first four-seater passenger aircraft powered solely by a hydrogen fuel cell system and electric propulsion – marks a milestone on this path.

J2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd Warns of the Dangers of Misrepresentation in China Aerospace Market.

by ALR Aerospace There are many different threats associated with not having properly configured Firewalls and the statistics show that 6. The consequences associated with not having a properly configured firewall could be the annoyance of Edward or as severe as bringing AS operations to a standstill.

Recently, j2 Aircraft Dynamics has become aware of a number of companies in China who are falsely claiming they represent j2 Aircraft Dynamics in China. AELS will assist Corendon in managing the acquisition of MSN PH-BFB "City of Bangkok" from KLM. This aircraft will eventually be parked next to .

Never Say Never Again: Aircraft/Amphibious carriers must submerge to avoid SSC destruction